How everything started

Welcome Kits,

everything started end of 2021. I minted my very first NFT and entered a totally new space. I remember that this first weeks felt like sitting naked on the roof of a train. So many new people, projects and colourful pics were floating at my phone / desktop and smartwatch. I decided to draw something just for fun, some kind of a tribute for the first NFT community that I have joined. After countless drawings and a lot of positive feedback, the blurry kits were born! Because I already had the vision to start a project by myself, it was like putting 1 & 1 together.

Passion and curiosity for the CNFT space was the original spark, that forged the vision for this project.

Hyped projects brought and sucked liquidity out of almost every investor day by day, many of those projects promised a lot but shared the same billboard like utilities.

Everyone of us know that tiny “everyday” problems, the only problem is…how does crypto or NFTs fixes these?

One of that “everyday” problems did just fit perfectly into the NFT space. So the idea / vision was there, but not the blockchain.

Research brought finally the vision to the chain for everyone.

Be part of a vision that might change a lot